Kegtron: Bringing Intelligence to Your Taps (Media Kit)

Why Kegtron?

The Product

Kegtron system shown with keg monitor hardware and phone app
Kegtron Smart Keg Monitoring System

The Hardware

KT-200 Dual Keg Monitor + App
The keg monitor on display on a kegerator drip tray. In normal operation it sits inside with the kegs.

The App

Kegtron app running on an Apple iPhone X
Kegtron App on iPhone X
  • Name
  • Description
  • Keg Size
  • Starting Volume
  • Volume Served
  • Volume Remaining
  • Percent Remaining
  • Serving Size
  • Servings Remaining
  • Date Tapped
  • Date Cleaned
iPad screenshot

Who is Kegtron for?

  • Home beer lovers with a kegerator for store-bought kegs
  • Homebrewers with a DIY multi-tap keegerator/keezer
  • Restaurant/bar/cafe owners
  • Offices with on-site kegerators

Not Just for Beer

App on drip tray next to recently-poured beer

Launch Details

Who’s Behind Kegtron?

Steve Keck — Chief Keg Officer

Additional Media

Kickstarter Campaign Video
Beta Demo Pour
Installation Video
Kegtron Logo — White on Black, Square
Kegtron Logo — Black on White, Portrait
Kegerator — Portrait View
App and beer glass
Android app screenshot on black Nexus
iOS app screenshot on black iPhone
Single tap keg monitor
Single tap keg monitor showing beer line fittings
A sample flight of beer



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