Kegtron: Bringing Intelligence to Your Taps (Media Kit)

4 min readApr 28, 2018


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We hope this media kit is a more accessible way to learn about Kegtron. Thanks for checking us out.


Steve Keck, Kegtron

Why Kegtron?

Mmm… beer. Draft beer is a beautiful thing. If you’re fortunate enough to have kegs on tap, no further explanation is needed. But we wanted to take things to the next level: eliminate the surprise when beer runs out, bring full visibility to what’s in those kegs and do all of this from your phone. To that end, we created Kegtron.

Beer lovers and resellers know that kegs are the ideal way to store and serve beer. Unfortunately, keeping track of what’s in those kegs is not so easy. Checking kegs involves a clumsy routine of opening a fridge, lifting a heavy keg, shaking and then guessing. If you run a bar or restaurant, getting to those kegs on a busy shift may be tough. The dreaded empty tap blowing foam is a major bummer for everyone.

The Product

Kegtron is a keg monitoring solution consisting of a hardware device that sits next to your keg and an app that runs on your phone or tablet. A wireless connection between the two enables full keg visibility while eliminating traditional guesswork.

Kegtron system shown with keg monitor hardware and phone app
Kegtron Smart Keg Monitoring System

The Hardware

The keg monitor is a small box that sits inline between the kegs and the taps. An internal flow meter measures how much liquid has been dispensed while a wireless processor keeps a running tally and communicates with your phone.

KT-200 Dual Keg Monitor + App
The keg monitor on display on a kegerator drip tray. In normal operation it sits inside with the kegs.

The App

A simple, clean app puts all keg stats on display with key info available at a glance. Available for both iOS and Android, the app work with both simple home kegerators and larger multi-tap commercial installations.

Kegtron app running on an Apple iPhone X
Kegtron App on iPhone X

Key Statistics:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Keg Size
  • Starting Volume
  • Volume Served
  • Volume Remaining
  • Percent Remaining
  • Serving Size
  • Servings Remaining
  • Date Tapped
  • Date Cleaned

Kegtron also works with tablets. Have an extra one laying around? Turn it into a live tap chalkboard!

iPad screenshot

Who is Kegtron for?

We know “one size fits all” only applies to hats. That said, we’ve designed Kegtron to accommodate a wide range of users. For example:

  • Home beer lovers with a kegerator for store-bought kegs
  • Homebrewers with a DIY multi-tap keegerator/keezer
  • Restaurant/bar/cafe owners
  • Offices with on-site kegerators

Not Just for Beer

When you think kegs and taps, you immediately think beer. That’s just the start, however. Kegs are also commonly used for hard cider, wine and pre-mixed cocktails. Non-alcoholic drinks like craft soda, Kombucha and cold brew coffee can also be found on-tap. Kegtron works with them all.

App on drip tray next to recently-poured beer

Launch Details

Who’s Behind Kegtron?

Back in the day, there was no such thing as “craft beer” — it was either good beer or it was crap. Steve Keck was lucky enough to have learned about the former while living in Bavaria as an engineering student.

Upon return, Steve started brewing and kegging his own beer in his dorm room. That was 24 years ago and he’s still brewing. He’s also a veteran of the Silicon Valley hardware scene with over two decades of product design experience (which helps pay for beer).

Kegtron was started as a means to combine a passion for beer and product design. We hope others can enjoy the results!

Steve Keck — Chief Keg Officer

Additional Media

Kickstarter Campaign Video
Beta Demo Pour
Installation Video
Kegtron Logo — White on Black, Square
Kegtron Logo — Black on White, Portrait
Kegerator — Portrait View
App and beer glass
Android app screenshot on black Nexus
iOS app screenshot on black iPhone
Single tap keg monitor
Single tap keg monitor showing beer line fittings
A sample flight of beer




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